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Facebook fan page

  1. Advertise on Facebook to get more “likes”. This is the quickest way to grow your fan base. The Supre fashion brand did this to obtain 40,000 fans quickly.

  2. Rotate your ads “DAILY”  people get tired of hearing the same thing in conversation so change your ad! Conversion (CTR) rates can drop by 50% after the first 24 hours. Do not “set and forget”

  3. Add Facebook Social Plugin Box to your Blog and Website (60% of my “likes” are achieved this way) 
  4. Free exclusive video that can only be viewed if you like the page.

on Friday, June 8, 2012

Make your browser more powerful

Google Chrome Frame is a free plug-in for Internet Explorer. Some advanced web apps use Google Chrome Frame to provide you with additional features and better performance.
 Download Google Chrome Frame to:

هل تبحث عن تدريب صيفى لمهاراتك ؟؟؟
The Summer Training Program

Consistant with our mission to drive innovation and 
entrepreneurship in ICT for the benefit of national economy, 
Technology Innovation and entrepreneurship center (TIEC) 
is organizing summer training for 5 weeks.TIEC Egypt

Certificate :
After completing the 1 week training you will get a certificate from TIEC th
at yo
have completed summer training for 1 week TIEC Egypt

Week 1 – Essential Android Developer by AsgaAsga Academy BY TIEC  Egypt

Location : Cairo Smart Village
Date : from 18/6/2012 to 22/6/2012
Deadline for registration: June 11th
About the training provider
Asga Academy was established in 2007, led by expertise in mobile applications development 

and solutions, expert team will walk you through Android tracks from project setup to getting 
your app ready to use.

Week 1 details

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on Thursday, June 7, 2012

Facebook is both a learning tool and a distraction for older students. Now the social network is considering opening to children under age 13, according to a report on The Wall Street Journal today.
Anton Troianovski and Shandi Raice wrote:
    Facebook Inc. is developing technology that would allow children you
    nger than 13 years old to use the social-networking site under parental supervision, a step that could help the company tap a new pool of users for revenue but also inflame privacy concerns.

Pinterest is dominating as a social site where consumers and retailers connect, according to a new comScore-ledstudy. On the image-rich site, retailers can easily showcase their wares in a flashy digital format, and shoppers are eating (and buying) it up.
According to the new comScore-conducted survey of some 1,500 consumers in the U.S., Pinterest users follow an average of 9.3 retailers on the site, compared with 8.5 byTwitter users, and 6.9 by Facebook users.
Nearly two in five online consumers surveyed follow retailers on one or more social-networking sites, found the survey, results of which were published as the 2012 Social and Mobile Commerce Study, a combined research effort among
Black Hat search engine optimization is customarily defined as techniques that are used to get higher search rankings in an unethical manner. These black hat SEO techniques usually include one or more of the following characteristics:
  • breaks search engine rules and regulations
  • creates a poor user experience directly because of the black hat SEO techniques utilized on the Web site
  • unethically presents content in a different visual or non-visual way to search engine spiders and search engine users.
Doorway pages are simple HTML pages that are customized to a few particular keywords or phrases, and they are programmed to be visible only by specific search engines and their spiders. The purpose of these doorway pages is to trick the search engines into giving these sites higher rankings; sounds okay until you realize that doorway pages are not static destinations. Doorway pages are specifically aimed towards search engine spiders - once a searcher lands on a doorway page, they are instantly redirected to the "real" website.

Some 6.46 million encrypted passwords of LinkedIn may have been leaked online Wednesday night, even as the professional networking site confirmed the occurrence of a security breach.
In a blog post, LinkedIn's Vicente Silveira said it continues to investigate the incident, and has taken steps for the compromised accounts.
"We can confirm that some of the passwords that were compromised correspond to LinkedIn accounts. We are continuing to investigate this situation," Silveira said.
Silveira said members that have accounts associated with the compromised passwords will notice that their LinkedIn account password is no longer valid.
on Wednesday, June 6, 2012

How Search Engines Operate

Search engines have two major functions - crawling & building an index, and providing answers by calculating relevancy & serving results.
Crawling and Indexing

Imagine the World Wide Web as a network of stops in a big city subway system.

Each stop is its own unique document (usually a web page, but sometimes a PDF, JPG or other file). The search engines need a way to “crawl” the entire city and find all the stops along the way, so they use the best path available – links.

“The link structure of the web serves to bind all of the pages together.”

Through links, search engines’ automated robots, called “crawlers,” or “spiders” can reach the many billions of interconnected documents.
Once the engines find these pages, they next decipher the code from them and store selected pieces in massive hard drives, to be recalled later when needed for a search query. To accomplish the monumental task of holding billions of pages that can be accessed in a fraction of a second, the search engines have constructed datacenters all over the world.
on Tuesday, June 5, 2012
I adore such this band , to where technology will go ?!!!!!!!!! 
we will live in these  .... ?!! Watch  

Leave a comment if you like ;)

When it comes to getting your site to rank well in Google, there are a wide variety of factors that come into play for determining where your website will fall in the search engines. One of the areas that a lot of internet marketers fail to capitalize on is in the area of getting back links to their site. Many people consider it too difficult to invest the time and energy to get it done, but it can be really easy to do.
The quickest way to help get back links to your site is by writing articles or outsourcing the articles and then submitting them to an article directory. Not all directories though are created alike. Some article submission sites are DoFollow whereas others are NoFollow.
The sites that you do not want to add articles to if you are looking for links is to the NoFollow sites. This means that the search engines are not going to follow the link that you created and therefore you do not get any boost in search engine rankings from the link.
If you are looking for DoFollow sites that are going to help your site get a lot of love, here are some of the top sites to look at in descending order of page rank.

The information we are just getting is that LG is getting ready to launch their new Google TV powered TVs in the US, and now LG has confirmed that the first of their new Google TV devices will land in the US towards the end of May. We cannot confirm the specifics on the sets sizes or prices, although these new devices were made available back in January at CES, however the company’s executive vice president of TV Ro Seog-ho said they should be in stores by the week of May 21
These new LG Google TVs will also come with ARM processors, we heard previously that they are expected to retail from around $1600 for a 47 inch model and $2,100 for a 55 inch model.