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The easiest way to embed Google Docs in any HTML page or blog post is using iframe.
Every Google Docs files are assigned with unique URL as an identifier. So we’ll need this unique identifier in order to embed it to any HTML pages.
1. Get the unique URL to embed Google Docs in any HTML page or blog post. Open any Google Docs file. To get the URL, you have to publish the files to public. From the top right of that page, click on ‘Share‘ -> ‘Publish As Web Page‘. New page will be opened. Click on the ‘Publish Document’ button. You’ll see the message saying the document has been published such as below. 
Your document is publicly viewable at:
2. We’ll use iframe in order to embed the URL above. This iframe code is taken from Google blog.  Copy URL above and replace the red font color code below. You can set the parameters such as width, length and frame border to suit your page. Learn more about iframe.
<iframe src=”http://spreadsheets.google.com/lv?key=pDDaecJdkAYQ1Lb5HTswLBA&amp;type=view&amp;gid=0&amp;colid0=1&amp;filterstr0=Associate&amp;sortcolid=-1&amp;sortasc=true&amp;rowsperpage=5″ width=”500″ frameborder=”0″ height=”330″></iframe>
3. Finally copy and paste this code to any HTML page or into your blog(HTML) mode. Read how to embed iframe code in this post and LEAVE A COMMENT if you like . You should see the Google Docs document now.
to embed Google Docs in any HTML page or blog post
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Choose your keywords

Before you start your seo campaign you need to decide which keywords you want to achieve high search engine ranking with.
Research is vital, you must make sure the keywords you want to rank high with are going to be used by searchers.

If you are targeting the wrong keywords then your campaign is dead before it has started. You will get no visitors and no earnings.

Build your keyword list
Your keyword list will contain around 10-20 keywords someone will use when searching for your niche.
For example: if your website is about 'earning money for free', you will need to research all the possible keywords and key phrases people use when looking for information on 'earning money for free'.
Brainstorm all the words you think a customer would type into their search box when trying to find your website. Think of phrases that are targeted to your niche. Avoid generic terms like 'money' or 'earn'.
These words are difficult to rank for and won't drive quality, targeted traffic to your site. Think about words that are relevant, but not overly used. If you need help brainstorming why not ask family or friends, you maybe too close to the niche to think outside the box.
You can also have a cheeky peek at your competitors meta tags to get some ideas.
Don't be over enthusiastic about going in for the highly competitive keywords, stick to what you can dominate. Gaining high search engine ranking for competitive keywords is tricky, even more for beginners. Stick to realistic goals.
You now have your list of keywords you want high ranking with, what next?
On to lesson 2 for the plan of attack!


What is seo?

If your are a newbie and have heard the phrase "seo", then let me help you a little and explain what is it all about. SEO
Seo is the shortened phrase for search engine optimization.
This is a process that is used to make a site optimized for search engines Such as google, Aol, Yahoo and so on. SEO

Why do you need to use seo?

One thing any site needs, regardless of it's purpose, is traffic. You need people to visit your website.SEO
You can use many ways of getting traffic to your site, but by far the best one is the free one. If you learn search engine optimization and optimize all your pages you can get free traffic to your website.
Organic search engine traffic is where you naturally rank high on search engines for your chosen keywords, this is what it is all about and what you should aim for.
When someone uses google search, they will normally only click on one of the results that appear on the first page above the fold, so you need to aim for top positions.SEO

I am a complete beginner where do i start?

I have prepared 5 lessons just for beginners, i wont baffle you with big terms and i will take it slow.
At first glance, search engine optimization may seem like rocket science, but it is not. It just takes some hard work and dedication.SEO
One thing i will start by saying is to stick with it.

Things you need

A website to play with
Lots of coffee
Ok that's the introduction. Let us start your first seo for beginners lesson.

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