on Saturday, June 23, 2012


This is the most important lesson of them all.
Google loves content, it's spiders cannot read images or flash so you must make sure your website has lots of lovely content. This will get you far.
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Keyword density
When a google crawler accesses your website, it tries to determine what your pages are about. What it finds on your pages will help the crawlers to determine where you should rank in search engines. These crawlers are very clever, they know if your spamming, so don't try it.
Your keywords should be mentioned in your page title, your headers and then scattered lightly through your content.
on Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Example for page titles in Google search

Page titles

There are two basic principals for optimizing your page titles.

1. Make sure the page title is different on every page. Google will penalize you for duplicate title tags.
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2. Include your main keywords in the title. But, make sure they are relevant and make sense. Don't keyword spam.
An even balance
When writing page titles you have to find a balance that will please both your potential viewers and search engines.
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on Sunday, June 17, 2012

Amir Raouf SEO for beginner

Choosing your domain name

A good search engine ranking can be achieved without a great domain url but there is no harm trying to tick all the boxes.

Why is a domain so important,
it's just a URL right?

There is nothing set in stone as regards the impact a domain name on search engine ranking so the below is from my own personal opinion and my own testing.
Amir Raouf SEO for beginner
Keyword domain v Brand domain
These are the two things i primarily take into consideration when deciding the domain name for a website.
Example of a keyword domain name: earnmoneyfree.co.uk
Example of branded domain name: kfc.com
Deciding which to go for will purely depend on the nature of your website.