SEO Lesson 3 "Page titles"

on Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Example for page titles in Google search

Page titles

There are two basic principals for optimizing your page titles.

1. Make sure the page title is different on every page. Google will penalize you for duplicate title tags.
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2. Include your main keywords in the title. But, make sure they are relevant and make sense. Don't keyword spam.
An even balance
When writing page titles you have to find a balance that will please both your potential viewers and search engines.
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When your site appears on search results, your title is what viewers will mainly be interested in. Be clear and to the point, explaining in just a few words what your site is about, don't forget to include your main keyword.
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In the google search bar, type in your keywords and have a look at your competitors titles to see what you should be aiming for...only better!
Simple seo mistakes can ruin your chances of gaining high search engine ranking
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H2 and H1 headers

Having your keywords included in your page headers such as h1 and h2, will tell google that what is in these headers (your keywords), are important. This will help to higher your ranking.
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