on Saturday, May 19, 2012

Online Debating Platform Naqeshny Utilizes Colors to Group Mindsets, Spark Discussions

Naqeshny is an online platform for debates and discussions. It connects people based on their opinions rather than friendship, as well as spark healthy debates between opposing views. The service utilizes a clever color coding system where a user’s assigned color is representative of his ideology.
“Naqeshny was born as a result of the events taking place in the Arab world, where most citizens are preoccupied with politics and issues concerning their future; we aim to be a part of this by facilitating the engagement of discourse and social interaction between individuals in a civilized manner.”
During the registration process, users are asked a set of questions which are used to formulate a basic understating of their ideologies. Naqeshny will then use this information to assign a color to the registrants logo. As a result, users can easily spot similar mindsets or engage with opposing ones and explore different perspectives. Even more interesting is that a user’s color will automatically alter as his views change over time.
During a debate, which can be either public or private between 2 members, Naqeshny allows members to support their arguments by adding photos, video, or news clips from the web. The site also uses a voting system to determine the popularity of each of the arguments given during the discussion.