New Playstation 3 Model

on Monday, October 22, 2012

Sony Announces New Playstation 3 Model

Just when you think the Playstation 3 couldn’t get any smaller, Sony announced this evening at the Tokyo Game Show that they will be releasing an even slimmer Playstation 3 model.  This newest model will be available in the classic “charcoal black” color scheme, however Japan will also have an exclusive “classic white” version available.  According to Sony the new slimmer model will be 25% lighter, will have 20% less volume than the current PS3 Slim, and will be 50% smaller than the original Playstation 3 model 1.
In North America the new slimmer Playstation 3 will be available starting as soon as September 25th in an Uncharted 3/Dust 514 Bundle, retailing for $269.  This version will feature a 250GB hard drive.  On October 30th Sony will also offer a 500GB version for $299, and will also bundle the new model with Assassin’s Creed III.
The European release of the new Playstation 3 model has a unique flash memory 12GB version for 229€, available starting October 12th.  Europe’s 500GB model will sell for 299€ starting September 28th.
Japan like North America will carry both the 250GB and 500GB models. The 250GB will sell for 24,900 yen, while the 500GB will sell for 29,800 yen. Both will be available October 4th.
It really seems like very odd timing for Sony to be releasing a newer Playstation 3 model on the heals of a soon highly anticipated announcement regarding the new Playstation 4.  November of 2012 will mark the seventh anniversary for the Playstation 3, and since March of 2012 Sony has sold about 64 million system.
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