Google Glasses To Release In Less Than Two Years – Sergey Brin

on Monday, July 2, 2012

Finally, after the launch of Google Nexus 7, we would be using Google Glasses soon. Google Glasses would be an Internet based glasses, which will be helpful for daily life tasks like taking navigating routes for one place to other. It is now estimated that the Glasses will strike the market in about two years.
None other than Google’s co-founder Sergey Brin has disclosed the new estimated release date. They introduced the newer version of the Glass with the involvement of Skydivers with those new Glasses.
Here is what Sergey Brin had to say about, “I’m so glad that worked,” Sky divers were streamed live for wearing the Google Glasses and they had jump from an airplane. They landed on a roof of San Francisco convention center. Sergey Brin also admitted that he really was not expecting it on that level.
Sky divers after landing on roof gave some package to the cyclists. The cyclists had a ride on the Moscone Center. There, Outside the third floor of the building was a man standing the package was handed to the man by the cyclists who were performing stunts while handing the package.
A cyclist broomed the cargo to end the trip to inaugurate stage of Google’s annual developers conference. Sergey Brin kicked this off with the support of various Google executives.
The package that was roaming on the trip was finally been delivered to Sergey Brin. The package was opened than to introduce an “Explorer” version of the glasses. The news is that the developers outside the firm are now allowed to buy this version by spending $1,500. This is a developer version, which in out sight requires different brains.
The consumer can buy this product within two years.
Brin asked for the support of developers by stating “This is really new technology and we really want all of you to help shape it.”

What this Google Glass would have?

  1. Google Glasses is made to feature a built-in camera, speaker, wireless connectivity to Internet and a microphone.
  2. The glasses will have a mini screen, which is helpful to refer to the text messages and e-mails. It can also show the other reading formats from Internet.
  3. Google glasses will be alot useful for snapping a quick picture, so that we do not miss a second of the great subject.
Brin Also ssaid that the working phase that has now almost become real was just a nutty idea.
I as an author feel, this is just as same as the story behind Google Earth. At that time, Google Earth was also one of its kind and same we can say about Google Glasses. Google Glasses will make the life more easier and handsfree. Brin also said that he wears the prototype pair almost everyday for long periods. He also said, to make the glasses more consumer oriented they would need to frame it more consumer friendly. For this, they have been talking to various eyewear designers for various ideas about the product.
According to Brin, the Glass team has worked priorly more by focussing on various internet tasks. But once it is out at the market, later we can see other add ons like Face recognition etc. The Glass team also made the point that the glasses would be more over friendly for text messages and emails only. Reading long e books may not be much of the easier option.
Babak Parviz, Google Glass Team Head, said that the glass is made to communicate and gain quick information over the Internet.
Parviz also added, “It allows you to walk downtown Paris and have other people experience this with you live,” Parviz said. But even though we have this social camera showing the world through your eyes, the quick access to information is also a critical thing.”