The latest Mouse Touch Pad

on Sunday, July 1, 2012
The first mouse touch panel in the world that combines two types
Wireless supports multi-touch gestures and touch panel portable
"GB - Gigabyte" launched the Taiwan specialized in the manufacture of computers, motherboards, device hybrid combines wireless mouse supports gestures multi-touch panel Touch "Touch Bad" portable, bearing the name "Aivia Xenon", able to work from a distance of up to 10 meters.

According to the company based in the city of "Taipei", this device, which seems at first glance like a like a remote control "Remote Control", it is considered the first "mouse - Panel Touch" in the world, combines the two types or modes different can be switch between them by clicking on the private key that is in one of the aspects of the device.

When you click on the switch "Mode Button" to convert to develop mouse "Mouse-Mode", is used as a "mouse" traditional supportive gestures multi-touch and lights up in blue, and when you activate the status of painting touch "Touchpad-Mode" lights up purple, and works as a function any "Bad Touch" exists within any modern portable notebook PC provider scroll area, but better, because they are portable and move it, as well as how to use the chain.

And is this product that allows the user to personalize the gestures, touch the program, to be able to customize the functions including Itasp with its needs, and thus to optimize the functions of the device, according to the uses of the person, in addition to the company incorporated a program launched by the name "Aivia Painter", in order to allows using the mouse as a radio show is able to work from a distance of 10 meters.

It is also equipped with a private company GB "Gigabyte Free Scrolling" to allow browse files and websites smoothly and easily.

This mouse works with desktop computers and notebooks only mobile operating system "Windows", while there is no copy devices supporting "Mac" of Babylon.

This device also comes equipped with an optical remote sensing device to track movement accurately "1000 DPI" and operate a pair of batteries of the type of "AAA", will be offered at the price of 259 yuan (approximately U.S. $ 40).