on Thursday, May 24, 2012

SEO LINK Builder , 

someone tell me that backlink is not important
and Google don't care now about this and don't accept black or white seo , the most important is the good design and no errors , and exclusive topics. Do you accept him ?

How will check backlink or URL builder will be usefull ?
You MUST create backlinks slowly but surely and especially to create backlinks that are related to your niche or product.

I see these type of comments and questions on affiliate forums so often...

I want tons of traffic!!!!!!! How can I get it??
Why am I not making any sales?
I need higher conversions

Before you learn to create backlinks

first consider these things

If you want higher conversions from the traffic you need to create backlinks that are RELATED to your niche.

Whats the point of getting thousands of backlinks if they are not going to bring you visitors interested in your niche? Those people coming to your website are coming there in the hope of finding out more. But if your page is unrelated, why would they stay???

Visitors will just click off your site.

The aim in this article is not just to get a high Page Rank.

The aim is to get traffic that is qualified and to make a sale from such a visitor.

There are a number of other factors which could be turning the visitor to your site off. Things like a bad title (remember the 10 second rule), a bad intro, poor writing style, bad content etc etc.

But today we are focusing on how to create backlinks that will bring you qualified traffic and hopefully a conversion.

If you want to create backlinks fast

This is what I do FIRST

Before I start to create backlinks and after writing an article, I create a file for that keyword(KW) phrase and article title
I make these headings on the page:

Keywords and its stats


Then, I copy and paste the URL and RSS feed.
I make some tags and write a brief summary.

This is all saved in a file in notepad or textpad
I do that for all my articles. So when I submit them to various sites, I have it all at my finger tips instead of doing it over and over again.

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