The TIEC Ambassador Student Program

on Sunday, May 20, 2012

هل أنت متحمس بشأن التكنولوجيا الجديدة؟
هل تريد إتاحة فُرص جديدة لجامعتك وزملائك؟
هل يرى أصدقاؤك أنك قائد بالفطرة؟
إذا كان الأمر كذلك، فإن برنامج سفير TIEC للطلبة هو برنامج مثالي لك!
برنامج سفير TIEC للطلبة هو فرصة للطلبة للعمل كنقطة اتصال بين TIEC وجامعتاهم

Program Details

The TIEC Ambassadors Program for student IN EGYPT , sponsored by the Technology Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center, gives Egyptian university students the opportunity to experience entrepreneurship first-hand and to broaden their understanding of technology innovation. Through workshops, seminars and conferences, the program is designed to help prepare these participants in youth leadership development, innovation management and entrepreneurial skills, and it promotes mutual understanding between the ICT cluster and university students.
Through the TIEC Ambassadors Program, 2 students will be chosen from each Egyptian University (public and private)

The program is open to Egyptian University Students in the second or third year in a collage of ICT discipline, part of the student union and have demonstrated leadership qualities and are interested in promoting TIEC programs at their local communities, and have some knowledge of English.

Please download and fill the registration form and send it to

Source : TIEC